12 Year Old Hamilton Resident Pens Passionate Letter to the President

Pleads POTUS to End Government Shutdown

Our inbox is always open for citizens opinions and “Letters to the Editor per se.

Recently we received a copy of a letter that was sent to the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump by a 12-year-old, right here in Hamilton. In the letter below the young lady makes a very well thoughout plea for him to end the shutdown of the government.

While our editorial team felt it was needed to remove the writers last name because she is a minor and the current political climate on both sides lends itself to unfortunate extreme anger and vitriol to opposing opinions, we found this young woman’s passion and attention to civics at such a young age to be much too important to ignore.

Whether you agree or disagree with her opinion really is irrelevant. The fact that a 12-year-old had the courage to express her beliefs – no matter if they allign with your own – she should be applauded because that is the foundation of our rights that has been granted to all of us as Americans.

Shutdown Stand Down

By Eva

Dear Mr. Trump,

I’m formally pleading for you to please reopen the government. You might not want to read this, but I hope you’ll consider it. Your shutdown is responsible for hard-working middle-class people not being able to pay bills, taxes, afford basic needs, or provide for their families. Your wall is the cause of all of this.

You don’t care about people, all you care about is your wall and what you want; you’re a careless person. This past week you had a meeting about your wall funding with top Democrats Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer; Mr. Schumer said “We saw a temper tantrum because he could not get his way.”  Mr. President you are acting like a baby and I don’t want a baby running my country or being the face of the American people. Now stop worrying about your wall and start worrying about more important problems like equal pay, ensuring the government protects all citizens, and show respect to the #METOO movement.

A wall dividing people is not necessary, but a hand uniting us is.  Mr. Trump my name is Eva ********, I am 12 years old and I’m done listening to your sour mouth. You Are No Fit To Be President!

The writer is a 12 year old resident of Hamilton Township. Her last name has been retracted by our editorial staff to protect the minor.

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Irving Lawrence Duckwald III is a freelance writer and blogger based in Central New Jersey. He has a penchant for fried chicken, fast cars, and fancy suits. With a knack for "setting the record straight", he can argue till the cows come home why it's Pork Roll and not Taylor Ham.

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  1. Avatar Rhonda Holland

    As the Grandmother of this enlightened, intelligent and passionate young lady, I urge OUR President to acknowledge her truths and come to a compromise. The youngest among us are able to “know and understand” what is going on in Washington and the world at large and are concerned for the future of everyone. Thank you Eva for your courage.

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