Chris Feliz takes “I’m from Jersey” series to Mercer County

Everyone’s a photographer in this day and age. Social media and smart phones provide a platform to capture and post moments as freely and as often as people choose. But when someone’s photographs consistently stand out, you know they’re onto something.

Take for example 23-year-old Chris Feliz, who created the, “I’m from Jersey” photograph series. Feliz, a lifelong Union City, New Jersey native, travels throughout the state to capture scenery he believes fits the essence of  “Jersey.”

“When I go to different counties or cities throughout the state there is always that one thing people are familiar with,”  Feliz explained. “It’s important to capture that.”

Recently, the Union City based photographer took his talents to Central Jersey to add Mercer County to his series. Feliz pinpointed specific locations like the “Trenton Makes” bridge, and Princeton University to photograph.

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“I love Mercer County” Feliz expressed. “It’s beautiful.”

Feliz created the series because he feels his hometown state, and places like Mercer County haven’t gotten the proper attention they deserve.

“Nobody has taken the chance to show off New Jersey the way that I am,” Feliz said.

“New Jersey is right across from New York and all the shine goes there. Why not spread some shine on New Jersey for once?”

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The “shine” Feliz is spreading has been positively received by New Jersey natives who’ve viewed his work.

“It’s a beautiful thing to see people interact over my photos,” Feliz said. “It’s humbling that people take the time to say something nice.”

Feliz believes his series has garnered so much attention because of his straightforward approach.

“Simplicity is key,” Feliz explained. “This series just gives the people of New Jersey a chance to be proud of where they are from.”

(Video and Photos: Furmel Thompson, The Visual Hub