Hamilton Arts Meet and Greet Paints Promising Future At Innagural Event

A Painting on Display from Local Hamilton Artist Joseph Gyurcsak. Photo by Michael A. Sabo.

Vincent Van Gough once said “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. “

Getting the Hamilton Cultural Affairs and Performing Arts Commission up and running and back on its feet seemed like it was going to be more than a series of small things, it seemed like it would take a small miracle.

But thanks to the persistence of Councilwoman Ileana Schirmer who lobbied her colleagues along with the Hamilton administration and fought tooth and nail to re-establish the commission, the art community in Hamilton now have a foundation to grow.

“The turnout was great, the best part is bringing the arts and the community together, it’s such a positive thing and long-awaited, yet very much needed in Hamilton Township”, explained commission chair Ellen Renee.

The Commission held its first meet and greet along with an art show that left a packed house abuzz and amazed by the display of talent showcased at the event.

The Hamilton Cultural Affairs and Performing Arts Commission six members body includes, Ellen Renee who serves as chairperson of the Commission, and has background in Broadway theater and a vocal instructor and coach, co-chair Danielle Tan who works for the Hamilton Township Department of Education, Thomas Kelly, an artist, and a news contributor; Megan Uhaze, an artist employed at Grounds for Sculpture; Ray Murphy, a retired and a vocalist with the a capella ensemble “Brothers In Harmony;” Danny Coleman, a local musician, entertainment journalist and the host of “Rock On Radio;”and Diane Brett who serves as secretary to the commission.

Hamilton Arts Commission Meet and Greet Photo Gallery

“The turn out for our first event went beyond what we expected.  What surprised many of us the most was the number of people who attended, who were not familiar with the commission or its members, but heard about the event through word of mouth or through social media and attended because they are artists themselves or simply interested in the arts.  They were excited that an event like this was being held. This event provided a great networking opportunity for the artist from our town and neighboring communities. Events such as this one and future events will not only help showcase the artistic talents within our community but also offers opportunities for residents to participate and enjoy all forms of art.  I’m truly excited because, with the arts, the possibilities are endless”, explained Schirmer who is the current Council liaison to the commission

The mission of the Hamilton Arts Commission is to support and expand the artistic community in Hamilton by supporting local artists, showcasing their talents and increasing public appreciation of the arts.

Hamilton resident and nationally recognized award-winning local artist Joseph Gyurcsak explained just how important this event and the commission were to artists. “This is a wonderful thing to open the eyes of the community to the talented artists in this rather large community, there was a huge turnout and this was just this the first step to bringing awareness to the arts here in Hamilton Township.”

The commission’s next event will be a Music Showcase of local musicians at Veterans Park during Oktoberfest on October 20, 2019.

For More information on the Hamilton Cultural and Performing Arts Commission check out their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Hamiltonartscommission/

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