Hamilton Democrats Select Martin for Mayor, Papero and Phillips for Council

Councilman and Mayoral candidate Jeff Martin with his running mates Nancy Phillips and Pat Papero who are seeking a spot on council. Submitted Photo.

Hamilton Democrat Chair Barbara Plumeri announced the results of Municipal Committee Endorsement Meeting held last night at the Ancient Order of Hibernians Hall.

“With a record-breaking turn-out of Democratic Committee persons, the Committee unanimously selected Council President Jeff Martin to run for Mayor, and also selected Pat Papero and Nancy Phillips to run for Town Council. These candidates represent the growing strength of the Democratic Party in Hamilton Township.”

Councilman Jeff Martin was first elected to Council in 2017 along with Anthony Carabelli, Jr. and Rick Tighe in the first Democratic sweep of Hamilton Council in 18 years.  Jeff is a US Air Force veteran and an Attorney who resides in Hamilton with his wife Scarlett.

“I could not be happier to start the campaign with Pat and Nancy.  They are two professionals who share the same vision for Hamilton: a focus on economic redevelopment, improved public safety, and stabilized taxes,” said Martin.

Pat Papero is a lifelong Hamilton resident.  He is a Mercer County Sheriff’s Officer and PBA Delegate for Local 187. Pat has been very involved in his community serving as a coach for Hamilton Little Lads.  He lives with his wife Stacy and his two children, Dominic and Lea.

“As a lifelong resident of Hamilton, I look forward to serving the residents of Hamilton.  I am excited to work with Jeff and Nancy as we reach out to the people of Hamilton. I believe people are ready new ideas and a renewed commitment to listening to the concerns and issues Hamiltonians are facing today.” said Papero.

Nancy Phillips is a sixth-grade social studies school teacher. Inspired by her daughter’s challenges with a rare disease, she has been a grassroots organizer of a National organization that supports families with rare diseases.  Nancy has fought against large insurance companies to get her daughter the medication she needs and will bring that same fighting spirit to standing up for Hamilton taxpayers.  Nancy and her husband Rich live in Hamilton with their two daughters.

“I know what it’s like to fight against a large institution that doesn’t care for the people they serve; I have fought against insurance companies for my daughters and others like her and will fight just as hard for Hamilton taxpayers.  We need a change in the way elected officials serve the people of this town, said Phillips, “and I am ready to run.”

The Democratic trio will face off this November against what is presumed to be current incumbent Republican Mayor Kelly Yaede and current Councilman Ralph Mastrangelo.

The third seat for the Republicans has been a hotbed of contention as the Hamilton Republican Committee is actively seeking out a replacement for current Councilwoman Ileana Schirmer who has been a very vocal critic of Yaede and her administration.

The Hamilton Republican Committee has not yet had a convention to our knowledge to announce their selected candidates and the current incumbents have not formally announced their intention to seek re-election.

The infighting among Republicans has grown so deep that it has spawned an alternate group of Anti Yaede Republicans who have formed their own organization – Republicans for a Better Hamilton who are seeking a slate to set up a primary battle in June.

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