Hamilton Little Lads 9s win district title, while 8s and 12s also reach states

July 6: The Hamilton Little Lads have sent three teams into the Cal Ripken Southern NJ State Tournament this summer.

Little Lads 9 u All Stars

Little Lads 9 year old All Star Team.

The 9-year-old All-Stars advanced by winning the District 1 title. Comprising the championship roster are Anthony DeLellis, Stephen Wright, PJ Lanausse, Janniel Hernandez, Dayne Bates, Marcello Pandolfini, Nathan Flansburg, Nick Pozsony, Yariel Guzman and Zach Conklin.

The 12-year-old 50/70 team moved on as District 1 runner-up behind the play of Isaac Acosta, Ryan Belford, Austin Boddie, Jeremy Ellis, Andy Figueroa, William Gonzales, Joshua Hernandez, Dylan Howarth, Steven Leonardo, Nate Mains, Mac Meara, Christopher Nodeland, Alex Rodriguez, Christian Sanchez and Billy Sikorski.

The 8-year-old squad also advanced as District 1 runner-up. Team members include Jaxson Bischoff, Jordan Burd, Kaiden Hurley, Jai Johnson, Jomar Olivero, Josluis Reyes, Luke Radoslovich, Grady Shaffer, Dan Tozzi and Lisette Zamichieli

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