Hamilton Picks Up Thanksgiving Day Win Over Steinert

Boz Breaks Hamilton West School Rushing Record in 61st Annual Thanksgiving Day Game

Hamilton High West picked up a 28-0 victory over Steinert High School in the 61st Annual Thanksgiving Day game.

When it comes to the annual Turkey Day rivalry, throw out the season records, because they don’t matter and the excitement of the game never really reflects the score.

That was the case in hand again as Hamilton West and Steinert battled it out for the 61st time in history.

While the score may lead you to believe that this was a lopsided game, it really wasn’t.

The end result was Kevin Boswell did what he does best and Hamilton pounded the ground game and wore out the Spartans.

Hamilton jumped out on its first possession when Boswell turned the corner for a 68-yard score that handed him the single-season rushing record for the Hornets, topping Shelton Snead’s single-season school rushing record.

Because this game is bigger than any record, Snead was right there to congratulate Boswell and encourage him to do even more.

It was the moment that makes you proud to be a part of this game. Snead didn’t care that his single-season rushing record at West was topped, which he set in 1999. He embraced the future with encouragement and guidance for Boswell, who is only a junior.

While Boswell was brilliant, Steinert’s defense gave everything they had to keep him out of the endzone.

Boswell and West kept pounding away which led to him finishing with 278 yards and two touchdowns.

While offensively Boswell stole the show, it was Hamilton’s defense that did its part to shut down Steinerts own, very dangerous running back Will Laster.

Boswell would see the endzone twice and Tolu Adeaga scored on a counter giving West 21 of their 24 points. The additional 3 points came from the leg of Ishmael Gonzalez who hit a 38-yard blast for a field goal with winds nearing 30mph.  

When it was said and done, Boswell and Laster would be recognized as the MVPs of the Game.

“It’s more of a team win,” said Boswell, who was awarded the William McEvoy trophy as Hamilton’s Game MVP. “Records are nice, but they don’t mean anything if we don’t beat Steinert on Thanksgiving.”

Will Laster got the Richard Fornaro Award, given to Steinert’s game MVP. Laster rushed for 59 yards on 20 carries.

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