Hamilton resident Hernandez-Boulden to play basketball at West Virginia

Gianna Boulden TCA
Seated next to a photo of the late Trenton Catholic Academy President, Sister Dorothy Payne, Hamilton Township resident Giana Hernandez-Boulden made it official on Nov. 13 that she will be continuing her academic and basketball careers at West Virginia University.  Hernandez-Boulden is gearing for her senior year at TCA (contributed photo).

Giana Hernandez-Boulden has been a fixture on the Hamilton Township basketball season for most of the decade, be it in local leagues or playing abroad.

And all her hard work has paid off.

Boulden has one more season left to play at Trenton Catholic Academy before heading south for big-time college hoops. On Nov. 13, Boulden officially signed to continue her academic and athletic career at West Virginia University. She is one of three Iron Mikes girls to commit to a Division I program, along with teammates Maniya Custis (Central Florida) and Ciara Bailey (Towson).

The Hamilton PAL product has averaged nearly 12 points per game for TCA but what makes her valuable is her overall game.

“Gigi is an amazing young woman who we have had the honor of coaching over the last three years,” TCA coach Bob Fusik said. “Her dedication to her sport is evident in how hard she works both on and off the court. She has shown tremendous growth during my tenure here. “Her presence under the basket as well as her outside shooting and ball handling has helped TCA to reach the level of success that we have had over the last two seasons. She is a true leader and will be an asset to West Virginia.”

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