Hamilton Township proposes ‘Do Not Knock’ Registry and ‘Do Not Drop List’ to combat Unwanted Solicitations

Mayor Kelly Yaede and Councilwoman Dina Thornton
Mayor Yaede and Councilwoman Thornton discuss proposed‘Do Not Knock’ Registry and ‘Do Not Drop List’ Solicitations ordinance.  Photo Courtesy of Hamilton Township

To better help prevent fraud and dishonest business practices, as well as to help improve residents’ quality of life by deterring unwanted solicitations, Mayor Kelly Yaede and Councilwoman Dina Thornton have joined forced to propose a “Do Not Knock” Registry for Hamilton.

Under the proposal, residents would be able to request to be on the “Do Not Knock” Registry if they do not desire to be contacted by legal solicitors, such as various home and property contractors (sidewalk/concrete, driveways, home remodeling, lawn maintenance or tree trimming companies), energy companies (third-party providers of electricity and/gas) or other professions that seek to conduct business door-to-door.  However, due to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, some activities are protected such as charitable, religious or political activities.  

Any individual who desires to conduct door-to-door soliciting must be licensed by the Hamilton Township Municipal Clerk’s Office and submit to a background check.

After notifying the Municipal Clerk’s Office of their desire to be protected by the “Do Not Knock” Registry, residents would receive a decal that would be placed on either their front doors or nearest windows adjacent to their front doors.  Residents’ households would remain on the registry for four years (unless they voluntarily wish to remove themselves from the protection) at which time they would need to re-register.   

Anyone violating the proposed ordinance would risk penalties of between $50 and $100 for each violation.

After beginning to work on the idea, Mayor Kelly Yaede discussed details for the initiative with Councilwoman Dina Thornton, who together are finalizing an ordinance that will be introduced before the Township Council in the near future.      

“I believe that our residents should have the right, if they desire, to prevent solicitors from approaching their homes,” says Councilwoman Thornton.  “And as long as we can achieve this in a constitutional way, I feel it is an added benefit and protection for our families and fellow citizens.”

Also as part of the new proposal, a “Do Not Drop List” to protect residents from the delivery of unwanted circulars to their properties, including commercial and non-commercial handbills, leaflets, coupon brochures, newspapers or other writings. To help facilitate this protection, after residents notify the Municipal Clerk’s Office of their desire to be on Hamilton’s “Do Not Drop List”, their property would be listed on the Township’s website (hard copies would be available upon request).  Similar to the “Do Not Knock” Registry, individuals or businesses would risk penalties of between $50 and $100 for each violation. 

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