In bipartisan collaboration Hamilton Council announces creation of Senior Citizen Advisory Commission

Senior Citizen Advisory Commission

Hamilton Council members Ileana Schirmer, Jeff Martin, Rick Tighe, and Anthony Carabelli, Jr., issue the following joint, bipartisan statement regarding call to create Hamilton Senior Citizen Advisory Commission. 

“As Council, we recognize that our town’s senior citizens have issues specific to their stage in life”, said the Council members. “We have recently been contacted by senior members of our community on issues involving transportation for medical appointments, recreation services, and health screenings.  We also recognize that with the growth of 55+ communities in Hamilton, the number of seniors in our community will also continue to grow, and therefore our services will also need to grow.” 

“For these reasons, we have today instructed our municipal attorney to draft an ordinance to create the Hamilton Senior Citizens Advisory Commission.  In addition to representatives from Council and our Department of Senior Services, we hope to also have an ex-officio member of Mercer County’s Office on Aging to better collaborate services to Hamilton senior citizens.  We know this advisory commission will give our senior citizens a more direct connection to their local and county government.” 

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