MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce 2018 Annual Gala Honorees Announced

MIDJersey 2018 Gala Honorees
(from left) John Hardiman, Public Affairs Director, NJM Insurance Group; Jeannine Cimino, SVP, Berkshire Bank and MIDJersey Chamber Chairman of the Boar; Laura Seplaki, Director, Rider University; Chantal Capodicasa, SVP, Wells Fargo; Thomas F. Curtin, President &CEO, MIDJersey Chamber.  Photo by Michael A. Sabo

MIDJersey Chamber to celebrate six long-standing members at its 2018 Annual Gala

In front of over 200 businesspeople and elected officials at the Annual Holiday Luncheon, the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce officially announced the honorees to be celebrated at the 2018 Annual Gala.

The honorees include: Bank of America, The Hibbert Group, PSE&G, Rider University, The Times of Trenton, and Wells Fargo. The honorees were selected in concert with the Chamber’s sesquicentennial in 2018 because of their long-standing membership with the MIDJersey Chamber. Also announced was NJM Insurance Group as the 2018 Annual Gala Presenting Sponsor.

“NJM is proud to recognize and support the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce’s 150th anniversary. It is a remarkable accomplishment for a business to be successful for such a sustained period of time,” said John Hardiman, NJM’s public affairs director. “The MIDJersey Chamber has been helping businesses grow and connect for 15 decades, and its continued prosperity is especially important moving forward as our capital city continues to build momentum in its revitalization efforts, of which this Chamber can be a big part.”

The 2018 Annual Gala will be held on Friday, April 13, 2018 at The Stone Terrace by John Henry in Hamilton. Sponsorships are available; please contact Donna Latham for opportunities at (609) 689-9960 ext. 19.

For more information, visit MIDJerseyChamber.org.

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