New Year ushers in new council members in Hamilton Township

Anthony Carabelli Jr.
Anthony Carabelli Jr. takes the oath of office for Hamilton Township Councilman administered by Assemblywoman Elizabeth Muio.  Photo by Michael A. Sabo.

New Year’s day put an end to a 12-year drought for Hamilton Democrats as Anthony Carabelli Jr., Jeff Martin, and Rick Tighue were sworn into office after a November victory that ended Republican dominance since 2005.

In-front of a standing room only crowd a the Ancient Order of Hibernian Hall, the trio took the oath of office and their seats on the Hamilton Council.

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The event drew family, friends, supporters and political heavyweights from both sides of the aisle and from all parts of NJ on a record low-temperature New Year’s day in the Garden State.

An emotional Carabelli Jr. was sworn in by New Jersey Assemblywoman and next state treasurer, “Liz” Muio, who works with Carabelli in the Economic Development Office for Mercer County.

Carabelli Jr.  the son of longtime politician Anthony Carabelli who served both as a Trenton Councilman and Mercer County Freeholder addressed the crowd and his father via “facetime” who was unable to be present due to recent health issues, vying to work on behalf of all the residents using the lessons learned being at his Father’s side as a young boy throughout his distinguished career of service.  Carabelli Jr. was elected Council President at the meeting in their first order of business.

Jeff Martin was sworn in by 14th District Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo and spoke of his family and his wife’s family journey as immigrants and commitment to hard work and how he will further that work as a member of the council.  Martin was elected Council Vice President.

Rick Tighue was sworn in by 14th District Assemblyman Dan Benson and pledged to work to continue the process of fire district consolidation and to further Hamilton’s open space.



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