Not Forgotten…Hamilton Honors September 11th Heros

Hamilton September 11th ceremony

19 years later the Hamilton community gather at the 9-11 Memorial Grove in Veteran’s Park to remember the lives lost on September 11, 2001 and to honor the brave Firefighters, Police Officers and Emergency Service personnel who put their live on the line for their respective communities throughout the United States.

Hamilton Police Chief James Stevens addressing the crowd quoted George Santayana a philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist who said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

The ceremony was dedicated to the Memory of Hamiltonians who perished that day.

  • William Reed Bethke. A resident of Hamilton, New Jersey with his wife, Valerie, Bill worked for Marsh USA as their data center manager and programmer on the 94th Floor at One World Trade Center.
  • Daniel Leonard Maher. A Hamilton resident that was also an employee of Marsh USA. Maher, 50, transferred from Marsh’s Sixth Avenue location in 1999 to offices on the 98th floor of Tower One at the World Trade Center. He was at work on Sept. 11.
  • Susan L. Schuler. A consultant to the securities industry, Ms. Schuler, 55 would travel into the city most Tuesdays to see one of her clients, Sandler O’Neill, in the World Trade Center.
  • Jeannine Damiani-Jones. The only female bond broker at that time assigned to the Agency desk whose life was enriched by the passion she had for her work at Cantor Fitzgerald.
  • Richard Guadagno. A wildlife biologist who died on Flight 93 and is widely believed to be one of the passengers and crew who stormed the cockpit, bringing the plane down on an empty field rather than its intended target, thought to have been the U.S. Capitol.

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