Nottingham LL 8-year-olds go 12-0 en route to two titles this summer

Nottingham 8 year old all stars 2019
The Nottingham 8-year-old All-Stars celebrate after winning the Ewing Tournament earlier this summer. It was one of two titles the Sayen 8s claimed.

By Rich Fisher

July 31: The Nottingham Little League may be returning to District 12 prominence fairly soon if the league’s 8-year-old all stars have anything to say about it.

The 8s recently completed their second consecutive undefeated season, going 12-0 while winning the HTRBA and Ewing tournaments. In its first two seasons together, Nottingham has gone 20-0 and won four tournament titles.

The team members are second baseman Joseph McCarty, shortstop Lorenzo Pandolfini, first baseman Matthew McCarty, centerfielder Brandon Leder, rightfielder Dom Stillitano, catcher JJ O’Donnell, third baseman Louie Manousos, pitcher Brayden Wisniewski, leftfielder Ryan Ahern and extra hitters Tyler Bodon, Jack Reymann and Noah Spak.

The manager is Angel Bodon and coaches are Darren Pandolfini, Brian Wisniewski, Stephen Ahern and Adam Reymann.

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Rich Fisher has been around the Hamilton Township sports scene for so long that he actually got Rich Giallella’s autograph when Giallella was still a player! Proud product of Hamilton YMCA and Lou Gehrig baseball leagues and former teammate of Jim Maher on a very average Barton & Cooney rec basketball team, Fish graduated from Nottingham Junior High and Steinert High school and has covered township sports since 1980. His goal in life is to convince Maria Prato that Jersey tomatoes are at least 100 times better than California tomatoes.