Police Seek Pair in Yardville 7-11 Wallet Theft

Pictured above, are the suspects for the theft of a wallet from the 7-11 at 4135 S. Broad Street in the Dover Park, Yardville section of Hamilton.

On November 16, 2019, Hamilton Police investigated a theft of a wallet that occurred at the 7-11, located at 4135 S. Broad Street.    

An elderly male victim left a wallet on the counter of the 7-11 on 11/15/19 at 23:22hrs.  The above-pictured suspects walked in together at 23:24hrs.  The male suspect dressed in what appears to be a suit picked up the wallet from the counter and handed it to the male wearing a black jacket.  The male in the black jacket exited the store and left in a white vehicle, possibly a Toyota Prius.  The male wearing the suit left in a separate unknown vehicle. 

Police are looking for help in idendifying this male suspect for the theft of a wallet at the 7-11 on South Broad Street in Yardville.

Proceeds from this theft were U.S. currency and various credit cards.

Hamilton Detectives are asking for the publics’ assistance in identifying the above suspects involved in this incident. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Nicholas Schulte of the Criminal Investigations Section at (609) 689-5825 or via email at nschulte@hamiltonpd.org.

The public can also leave a message on the Hamilton Police Crime Tip Hotline at (609)581-4008.

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