Police Warn of “Gypsy” Style Distraction Burglaries in Hamilton

distraction burglary vehicle
Police are searching for the pictured vehicles that have been utilized during several of these incidents. Submitted Photos.

Between the months of January 2019 and March 2019, Hamilton Police detectives have been investigating (5) “Gypsy” style distraction burglaries in various locations throughout our township. 

The above pictured vehicles have been utilized during several of these incidents.  In each of these distraction burglaries, the suspect(s) gain entry to the residents’ home by posing as tree trimmers, utility workers and in some cases they claim to be representatives of the “Xfinity” Company.  Once inside these individuals distract the homeowner and steal jewelry and money. 

In each of these incidents, Hamilton detectives have determined that one of the suspects is described as a Hispanic male with a stocky build.

The Hamilton Police Division would like the public to be aware of these types of distraction burglaries, and to contact the Hamilton Police Division at (609)581-4000 or to dial 911 for emergency assistance, if they feel they are being victimized by these individuals.     

Hamilton Police Detectives are asking for the publics’ assistance in identifying these suspects or the above pictured vehicles involved in these incidents. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Daniel Inman at (609)581-4035 or via email at dinman@hamiltonpd.org. The public can also contact Detective Lawrence MacArthur at (609)689-6827 or via email at lmacarthur@hamiltonpd.org.

Additionally, the public can leave a message on the Hamilton Police Crime Tip Hotline at (609)581-4008.         

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