Sheriff’s Officers Successfully Administer Opioid Antidote in Front of Courthouse

narcan kit

Mercer County Sheriff Jack Kemler announced that on, Monday, July 8, 2019, at approximately 4:30 pm, Sheriff’s Officers Jason Magrelli and Scott Frazee encountered a 28-year-old female in front of the Mercer County Criminal Courthouse who appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance.

The officers immediately requested back-up assistance and an ambulance for 400 South Warren Street. Shortly thereafter, the woman became incoherent and began to lose consciousness. Suspecting she was suffering from a drug overdose Officer Magrelli administered one dose of Narcan (naloxone), which temporarily revived her.

Sheriff’s Patrol Unit Officer George Dzurkoc arrived on scene to assist and administered a second dose of Narcan, as the effects of the first dose began to wane. The second dose of Narcan brought her back to consciousness as well. Soon after, Trenton Emergency Medical Services transported the subject to Capital Health Regional Medical Center (Fuld) for treatment.

“Officers Magrelli, Frazee and Dzurkoc are commended for saving a life,” said Sheriff Kemler. “Their dedication to save a life and as well as to keep our public areas safe deserves high praise,” added Kemler.

Approximately four years ago, Naloxone kits were distributed to all Mercer County law enforcement agencies under a program supported by the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney General. Since then, Narcan has been readily available to first responders to help save lives.

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