#Snowvember turns New Jersey into #Snowmess

Didn’t anyone tell mother nature not to schedule snow during the week of the biggest party for New Jersey politicians and government officials, the League Of Municipalities?

This week while regular folks were grinding their way through the work week, 90% of all Jersey’s key governmental leaders were whooping it up in Atlantic City for a giant party disguised as a convention and none of them seemed to be paying any attention to the news reports that stated over a week ago that the garden state could get snow.

Yup the forecasters got it wrong like they do 50 percent of the time, but you can’t lay all the blame on them.

The original weather forecast called for 1 to 3 inches with sleet and freezing rain in the central part of the state, with accumulations higher in the northern part and less near the south and shore.

The end result was an epic failure of government on all levels in New Jersey!  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

The only thing government officials were planning for in New Jersey this week was should they hit the party at the Gypsy Bar in the Borgata or head over to Cuba Libre in the Tropicana for a Mojito!

As officials packed their bags and checked out of their taxpayer-funded hotel rooms on Thursday, snow started falling around the state and forecasters started sending out warning signals it could be a lot worse than they expected late Wednesday night.

So basically less than six inches of snow brought all of New Jersey to a grinding halt and put tens of thousands of lives in danger if not hundreds of thousands of lives!

The New Jersey State Police was running roughshod trying to help with all the incidents and traffic issues

As of 9:30 p.m., the New Jersey State Police have responded to 555 motor vehicle crashes and 1,027 motorist aids in NJSP…

Posted by New Jersey State Police on Thursday, November 15, 2018

The stories of horror have been wide cast all over social media as people rightfully voice their frustration over the lack of preparedness by their state, city, county and municipal governments.  Yes – people bitch and complain all the time about snow on social media – this time they were more than warranted to sound off and did they ever, lashing out at across towns and the state.

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Gina-Rich Martorana Fuck this guy. He cant run the ball pit at McDonalds none the less the state of NJ

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Anne Paglia A normal commute from the Trenton train station should be 15 min with normal traffic… tonight it took over 45 minutes the roads in Hamilton were worse the Trenton!! …. Hamilton should be ashamed
… I guess that’s our increased tax. Dollars at work!! Plus not to mention the safety of the twp. Residents!!!??


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People stuck in cars for hours on highways, side roads, and bridges.  Buses not able to get to schools to pick kids up and children getting home from schools at 6 pm and 7 pm.  In some parts of the state, schools had to have sleepovers because either the parents were still sitting on the highway trying to get home at midnight or the roads were impassable to get the kids home or picked up.

While our esteemed Governor was giving a speech Thursday morning in Atlantic City and taking a victory lap on how many people are working in New Jersey thanks to him, those same people he was bragging about working couldn’t get home from their jobs because of his failure and the epic failure of every municipal and county governmental officials to actually do their jobs!

It was so bad in New Jersey, it even prompted a response from former Governor Christie who was stuck in the mess!

And Yes……New York was a nightmare and so was Pennsylvania – Both those governments failed their residents as well!

At least here in New Jersey, you can understand that our officials were preoccupied gaining valuable insight into how to better run their government at the League of Municipalities convention and the weather forecasters were just wrong.

At least that is what Phil Murphy is saying today as reported on NJ.com:

“Clearly, we could have done better,” Murphy said at a news conference to address the storm that dumped higher than expected snow totals on much of the state just in time for the evening commute. But there wasn’t an apology from the governor, who instead laid most of the blame on forecasters who underestimated the strength of the storm. “No one realized the gravity of what was to come,” Murphy said at a New Jersey Turnpike command center in Woodbridge.


I guess the old adage of…You Get What You Pay For…doesnt apply to basic government services here in New Jersey

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