State, County, and Hamilton parks to close at 8 pm on April 7, 2020

Sayen Gardens Hamilton NJ

Governor Phil Murphy has ordered all state parks and county parks in New Jersey closed to all visitors at 8 PM on April 7.

“We have seen far too many instances where people have gathered in groups in parks erroneously thinking since they are outside social distancing doesn’t matter,” the governor said. “Nothing can be further than the truth.”

Coronavirus deaths hit the highest single-day increase in COVID-19 deaths yet, Gov. Phil Murphy announced Tuesday.

While Murphy’s executive order only applied to state and county parks, Hamilton Township has also decided to close all of its parks.

As a result of today’s announcement by the Governor that he is closing all State and County parks as of 8pm tonight, I have ordered all municipal parks closed as of 8pm tonight. This order pertains not only to Veteran’s and Sayen park but all “neighborhood” parks as well. While I wanted all parks to remain open, I am concerned that if our parks remain open, they would not be able to safely handle the additional visitors. It would put your safety, and the safety of our park employees, in jeopardy and I cannot take that chance, explained Hamilton Mayor Jeff Martin.

As of April 7, 2020 Hamilton Township is reporting 183 positive cases of COVID-19, resulting in 3 deaths and 12 recoveries.

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