Town and Local Historical Society Team Up to Restore Isaac Pearson House

The Isaac Pearson House is on the National and NJ Registers of Historic Places and was the home of a New Jersey official that was a prominent figure during the Revolutionary War.

Built in 1773 and located in the DeCou neighborhood of Hamilton – was the home of its namesake, who was the Nottingham Tax Collector, a justice or the peace, a freeholder, township clerk and an NJ Provincial Congress delegate.  His death just two days after the Battle of Trenton remains somewhat of a mystery, as Pearson – known to be an early supporter of independence – may have waivered in his support over time.  Some believe he was murdered on his way to New Brunswick for that wavering support, while other believe Pearson was murdered by robbers.

For several years, the house has remained dormant; however, in October, Hamilton Township and the non-profit Historical Society of Hamilton Township teamed up to begin a plan to revitalize the historic home.  The Township, which owns the building and property, agreed on a 50 year lease to the Historical Society – with an option to extend an additional 25 years – for the cost of one dollar.  In turn, the Historical Society will undertake a fundraiser and grant seeking effort.  Over the next decade, they hope to raise upwards of $500,000 to return the Isaac Pearson House to its rightful place among Hamilton’s many historic sites.

As an initial step, the Historical Society recently applied for a $15,000 grant from the 1772 Foundation, which if they receive it, would qualify them for a $30,000 grant next year.

This year the Historical Society – which operates the historic John Abbott II house located inside Veterans Park – will kick off a fundraising campaign for this effort.

“Hamilton is home to so many historic sites; this invaluable partnership with the Historical Society will put the Pearson House ‘back on the map’ in a fitting manner,” says Mayor Kelly Yaede.  “As we look to continue efforts to support our town’s growing tourism potential, our historic landmarks will be one attraction for visitors staying our town’s expanding number of hotels.”

 “We are happy to work with Mayor Yaede and her administration in restoring the prominence of the Pearson House; and we are optimistic that the generosity of the many Hamiltonians who are appreciative of our local history will make this effort a success,” says Dr. James Federici, President of the Historical Society.

Residents can learn more about the Historical Society by visiting or attending one of its many programs held throughout the year at the Hamilton Township Public Library

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