Two Township 7-11 Stores Robbed at Gunpoint

7-11 on the corner of Arena Drive and Reeves Avenue was recently robbed at gunpoint. Photo from Google.

Hamilton Township police are investigating two armed robberies of two different local 7-11 convenience stores.

Police are looking for two men who they believed held up the township stores at gunpoint about a week apart.

The early-morning robberies occurred Jan. 4 and Jan. 10, the first happening at a 7-Eleven on the 500 block of Lalor Street while a second six days later took place at another 7-Eleven on the 900 block of Arena Drive.

The two suspects, described as black men in ski masks with guns, went inside the stores and demanded money before making off with an unknown amount of cash, police said.   The store clerks were not hurt during the frightening ordeals.

The men are both described as about 6-feet tall with medium builds.

In the first crime, the first robber’s hooded sweatshirt was gray with white rings on the sleeves.

And in the second robbery, the same robber wore a black hooded coat with fur around the neck, and the second robber’s sweatshirt had a True Religion-brand sweatshirt with a gold “U” on the front left breast and had a gold Buddha on the back – which also says “True Religion” in gold letters.

No injuries were reported, and police did not say how much money was stolen in either crime.

Hamilton Detective Frank Burger is investigating and can be reached at 609-581-4010 or through the Hamilton police crime tipline at 609-581-4008.

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