Video: Campbell, Mayernick, Kopec discuss how Steinert-Hamilton girls lacrosse squads teamed up to fight suicide prevention.

steinert hamilton girls lacrosse
Prior to Tuesday’s game, the Steinert and Hamilton girls lacrosse teams came together for a group shot wearing the t-shirts they sold to raise funds for suicide awareness.  Contributed photo. 

By Rich Fisher

Apr. 9: There were several back stories at today’s Steinert-Hamilton girls lacrosse game, which was won by the Spartans, 17-9. 

To start with, Hannah Hart scored five goals to give her 126 for her career, which is a new school record. Hart entered the game tied with Paige Meszaros with 121.

Her next target is the all-time Hamilton Township mark, held by Hamilton’s Lashay Ross with 133. 

The senior enjoys chasing records. 

“I think it almost makes it kind of fun, like ‘What can I do today?'” she said. “It’s kind of a self-competition to make myself better.” 

An even bigger sidebar to today, was that the two teams combined their forces to raise money to help raise suicide awareness. They held bake sales, sold goods and t-shirts at a concession stand and have raised nearly $2,000.

Click on this video below to hear Hamilton coach Kerryn Campbell, Hornet player Katie Mayernick and Steinert’s Erin Kopec discussed what it means to them to fight such a grim situation among adolescents.  

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