For Hamilton Foodies, the Drive to Niagara is Worth It

We love living here in Hamilton, and for the most part, the town has everything you need. Being right near the water is great, and there is lots to do. That being said, if you consider yourself a big foodie who loves to try new, exciting dining options, you may want to consider leaving the area one of these weekends to explore the dining options the Niagara Falls area has to offer.

The drive clocks in at just under an hour, making Niagara the perfect getaway for a long day trip or quick overnight (as many in Hamilton are undoubtedly well aware). But we’re not suggesting you go for the traditional attractions that draw millions to Niagara from all over the world each year. Rather, we’re pointing out that there are tons of new and unique restaurants in the area worth trying out! And we’ve put together a shortlist of recommendations for any Hamilton foodie who likes the sound of such an escape.

Niagara Distillery & Billy Bones BBQ

This spot, that serves both as a distillery and a full restaurant, just opened up earlier this summer. As far as the alcohol selection goes, the distillery offers all the classic options, available neat or as one of their signature cocktails. One fun fact about the vodka made there is that the water used to proof it down actually comes from Niagara Falls, and people say it has a very unique taste as a result. Beyond the local spirits though, you’ll also be tempted by the savory smells coming from the restaurant side of the establishment. Some of the items on the menu have already won awards and judging by some of the early word, you really can’t go wrong no matter what entree you choose to indulge in.


Watermark is unique in the stunning views it provides of the Falls. Located on the 33rd floor of the Fallsview hotel and casino facility, its scenery really can’t be topped. The décor inside is white and blue, making it blend in with the water below you in the most majestic of ways. The menu is a bit on the pricier side, but definitely worth it if you’d like to have a really nice meal out with someone special. With new online gaming selections offering some casino games for free, the Fallsview is, like so many other casino establishments, facing an uncertain future where its main attractions are concerned. As such, it may not draw the crowds it once did with the same regularity. At the same time though, this only serves to emphasize the more distinct attractions that make the Fallsview special – and Watermark is certainly one of them.

Revolving Dining Room

Another spot that will provide breathtaking views is the Revolving Dining Room, located at the top of the famous Skylon Tower overlooking the area. Not only will you be afforded stunning views down over the falls, but you will also be able to see the entire city at once. Although the meals are also a bit on the expensive side at this restaurant, you will receive free admission to the indoor and outdoor observation decks if you choose to dine while you’re at it (there’s normally a fee). And if you time it correctly, your meal out could be accompanied by a dazzling fireworks show over the falls. Sure, it’s a bit touristy, but it also makes for an incredible dining experience, and a nice night out from Hamilton.

Niagara Falls Brewing Company

Given that Ontario is generally known more for its wines, with Niagara-on-the-Lake being home to countless vineyards, most people don’t know that you can get a decent local beer here too. Niagara Brewing Company is the perfect place to sample Canadian craft brews and pair them with tasty snacks. While the company doesn’t have a comprehensive dinner menu, the bar food is delicious, and serving sizes are definitely enough to keep you full for a while. So if you not only like the taste of beer but also take an interest in where and how it’s made, this is the perfect place for a quick weekend getaway at Niagara Falls.

Again, Hamilton has more than enough to offer on its own, and Niagara Falls is typically reserved more for the out-of-town crowd. But if you ever feel like trying something a bit more involved for dinner, or you’re just a foodie at heart, these are definitely a few options to keep in mind.

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