Hamilton Township Schools to Receive $6.8 Million in School Aid for FY 2022

School Funding

A 9.1% increase from Fiscal Year 2021

In response to the State’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget proposal including $6.86 million in K-12 school aid funding for Hamilton Township – a 9.1% increase from Fiscal Year 2021 (FY 21), State and local leaders provided the following statements:

In response to the increased aid, Hamilton School District Superintendent Dr. Scott Rocco stated, “The Hamilton Township School District is appreciative of the recent announcement of increased state aid funding to our schools.  This additional funding will allow us to continue to invest in our students academically and support our students socially, and emotionally as we turn the corner on the global COVID-19 pandemic.  As a district, a town, and a community we are grateful for the commitment of these dollars to our students and our schools. In addition, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our local, county, and state partners who’ve worked to make this come to fruition.” 

“There is no greater investment than an investment in education,” commented Mayor Jeff Martin. “This significant increase in funding will aid Hamilton Schools to continue to safely and effectively educate our children as we continue through this pandemic.”

“With COVID-19 hitting our communities hard, we must ensure that school districts not only have the resources to protect students and staff from spreading and contracting COVID-19, but also to continue to deliver the quality education inherent in New Jersey public schools,” said Senator Linda Greenstein. “I am excited to see this large increase in funding for the Hamilton School District and will continue to fight for the resources needed to support our community.”

“We have long advocated that large suburban school districts like Hamilton deserve more state funding, given the many needs and challenges they have faced, made even more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic,” stated Assemblyman Daniel Benson.  “I am pleased that the Governor’s budget includes over $6 million more in aid to meet the needs of our children, while providing tax relief to Hamilton’s seniors and families.”

“In a time where our students have been receiving instruction remotely, it is important now more than ever that our schools are supported,” said Asm. DeAngelo. “I join my colleagues Senator Greenstein, Assemblyman Benson and Mayor Martin in celebrating the announcement of $6.8 million being directed towards the Hamilton Township school district. Our students and families will certainly benefit from this funding.”

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