Hamilton Township Announces New Business Registry

hamilton business registry

Continuing its efforts to support and connect with local businesses, Hamilton Township announced today the launch of its Business Registry.

Having a Business Registry will benefit both the Township and our businesses in several ways. The Registry is designed to allow the Township to have greater communication with business owners. By email or phone, it will allow the Office of Community and Economic Development, especially the Division of Economic Development the ability to offer assistance and resources valuable to their success and business growth. Collecting information such as emergency contacts and operations allows our first responders to better assist in emergency situations.

Once this information is collected, it can be used to further our mutual economic interests, accurately measure growth and gauge the variety and quantity of businesses that the Township is home to.

“This new Business Registry will transform the way that Hamilton is able to interact and communicate with our local businesses so that we can be a better resource,” said Mayor Jeff Martin. “Not only this, but it will provide the Township a unique opportunity to formally measure our success and opportunities for growth with a system that can put us on a path for even greater economic prosperity moving forward.”

Very early on in the pandemic, we realized our inability to quickly and effectively communicate with our businesses on critical info. This registry is designed to fill that gap at no-cost to our businesses.

This project is being spearheaded by the Township Department of Community and Economic Development, who will connect with local business organizations such as the Hamilton Township Economic Development Advisory Commission, Shop Hamilton and the Hamilton Partnership to further their reach.

“It is essential that all Hamilton businesses receive information efficiently from the local government,” said Hamilton Councilman Anthony Carabelli.  “Especially faced with this current pandemic, there are programs and incentives announced frequently that could be missed if not for the Business Registry.  I applaud the efforts of the Mayor and his Economic Development team for launching this worthwhile initiative.” While registration is free, businesses are required by Township Ordinance 20-24 to register. Fines will be imposed should businesses fail to register by the December 31, 2020 deadline. The registration form is available online as well as hard copy. For more information and to register a business, visit www.hamiltonnj.com/businessregistry

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