Gyms Can Re-Open Sept. 1 with Restrictions; Indoor Dining May Soon Follow

gym equipment and weights

After nearly being shut for six months, NJ Governor Phil Murphy announced that on September 1st gyms could re-open with certain restrictions.

“Gyms are among the most challenging of indoor environments,” Murphy said. “But given where we are in this fight, we believe we are ready to take this step forward. I know this has been a long time coming.”

Gyms will be permitted to reopen to 25% indoor capacity, along with other health and safety protocols. Equipment must be six feet apart, people must sign a health waiver, and the gym must keep a log of all patrons so that people can be easily tracked and notified in the event of an outbreak.

That means movie theaters, indoor dining, and performing arts centers will be among the last businesses to have some sort of limited reopening in the state. Most other businesses have been allowed to reopen with capacity limits, as well as mask and social-distancing requirements.

But when pressed about a possible re-opening of indoor dining Gov. Phil Murphy said he hopes to permit some indoor dining at bars and restaurants by the middle of next month as coronavirus numbers continue to improve.

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