Barret resigns as Hamilton CFO

John Barrett

Hamilton Township Chief Financial Officer, John Barrett, has resigned effective June 1, 2020, as part of a global resolution of all claims and litigation with the Township.

Mayor Martin has accepted the resignation of Mr. Barrett, effective Monday, June 1, 2020. As a result of him no longer being an employee, the Township voluntarily withdrew and dismissed the tenure complaint against Mr. Barrett.

Additionally, Mr. Barrett’s Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) case has been settled by the Township’s insurance company for $20,000. Under CEPA, had Mr. Barrett been awarded even one dollar, the Township would be responsible to pay for all of his attorney fees.   

Mr. Barrett, who receives an annual salary of $144,000, has been on paid leave from his position with Hamilton Township since January 2019. Earlier this month, an administrative law judge recommended to the Director of the Division of Local Government Services that Mr. Barrett’s tenure be removed. The Division of Local Government Services had 45 days to take action after receiving the recommendation.  

“Reaching an agreement with Mr. Barrett was in the best interest of all parties,” stated Mayor Jeff Martin. “It is both a faster and less costly resolution to end our disputes now than it would be if we allowed the process to continue. We now turn the page as we look to hire a new permanent CFO.”

Additionally, Interim CFO, Ulrich “Al” Steinberg terminated his agreement with Hamilton Township effective May 31, 2020. The termination was a direct result of the NJ Division of Pensions’ decision to rescind their prior approval of his employment agreement.  Business Administrator, Kathryn Monzo, is a Certified Municipal Finance Officer, and as such is stepping up as Interim CFO for the Township until a permanent CFO is hired.

“The accomplishments Al achieved in his short tenure with Hamilton Township is a true testament to his expertise,” said Martin.  “Facing a significant budgetary hole left by previous administrations, Al took this financial bull by the horns and established a financial plan for the Township and then COVID-19 happened. That didn’t stop him from reevaluating the Township finances and recommending tough decisions in order to leave our residents in a better place for years to come. His service to Hamilton Township has been immeasurable and I cannot thank him enough.“

Hamilton Township will be publishing a job posting for a permanent Chief Financial Officer with the NJ League of Municipalities and the NJ Municipal Managers Association.

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