Retail, outdoor dining to reopen June 15th in New Jersey; Hair Salons and Barbers on June 22nd

New Jersey will move into Stage 2 of its reopening plan in two weeks, starting with outdoor only dining at restaurants and non-essential in-person retail on June 15, Gov. Phil Murphy said. 

Retail stores will have to limit capacity to 50 percent and with restrictions.

Personal care business such as salons and barbershops can open on June 22nd.

Guidance on the reopening of personal care businesses will follow.

Gyms would come after that, though no date has been set, Murphy said.

“Entering Stage 2 does not mean we flick a switch,” Murphy said during his daily coronavirus briefing in Trenton. “This will continue to be a phased-in restart, based upon a careful analysis of inherent risks and the ability to safeguard public health. This virus is among us, and saving lives is still priority number one.”

The governor announced a multi-stage reopening plan two weeks ago, and New Jersey has lifted restrictions on all categories in the first phase. In stage two, the state is supposed to tackle indoor dining at significantly reduced capacity, limited personal care, museums and libraries, and in-person clinical research and labs, among others. It is unclear when Murphy will allow more residents into these establishments. 

Employees who can work from home should continue to work from home, Murphy said, and people with underlying health conditions and compromised immune systems should stay at home as much as possible. 

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Irving Lawrence Duckwald III is a freelance writer and blogger based in Central New Jersey. He has a penchant for fried chicken, fast cars, and fancy suits. With a knack for "setting the record straight", he can argue till the cows come home why it's Pork Roll and not Taylor Ham.