Demolition Scheduled Saturday, Feb 1 at Mercer Generating Station

The Hamilton Township Office of Emergency Management has alerted residents that on Saturday, February 1, 2020 demolition is scheduled to occur at the Mercer Generating Station Site located on Lamberton Road, Hamilton, NJ.

The coal-fired powerplant located in Hamilton Township, New Jersey was built-in 1960 and decommissioned in early 2018 sits on 132 acres. Remediation and demolition in this brownfield started in late 2019

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Hilco Redevelopment Partners “HRP” has stated its commitment to working closely with community members, stakeholders, and state environmental agencies during this redevelopment. In December 2018 HRP purchased the Mercer Station.

Residents in the immediate area may hear elevated noise levels coming from the site during the morning hours on Saturday.

For any questions, contact the Hamilton Police Division at 609-581-4000.

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