Hamilton Cop dragged by fleeing Walmart shoplifter’s car left hospitalized

A Hamilton Township police officer was left hospitalized after being dragged by fleeing Walmart shoplifter.

Courtney Lynn Rumery, a 21-year-old township resident, was charged with robbery and aggravated assault on law enforcement after she crashed the vehicle while the officer, who was holding on to her car in fear for his life.

Officials say police were dispatched to Walmart on Nottingham Way around 1 p.m. because Rumery allegedly ran over a store loss prevention officer after stealing merchandise.

Hamilton cops later caught up with Rumery in Trenton and conducted a motor vehicle stop, according to officials Rumery sped away during the traffic stop investigation with a township officer holding on to her vehicle.

After crashing the car, officials say, Rumery fled on foot but was chased down by responding Trenton cops.

The Hamilton cop who was thrown from the exterior of the vehicle suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital.

The Walmart loss prevention officer suffered minor injuries and has been released from the hospital.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact police at 609-689-5825. Or use the Hamilton Police Crime Tip Hotline at 609-581-4008.

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