Hamilton FMBA Locals 84 And 284 Endorse Jeff Martin for Mayor, Papero and Phillips For Council

Hamilton FMBA Locals 84 and 284, the unions representing Hamilton Township’s career firefighters, announced their endorsements of Jeff Martin for Mayor of Hamilton Township Friday.

At an event held at Rusling Hose Company, the firefighters also backed Pat Papero and Nancy Phillips in their bids for seats on the township council.

“Nearly four years ago our members kicked into gear an effort to bring important change to the Hamilton Township Fire Department,” stated Nick Buroczi, President, Hamilton Fire Officers Local 284. “While the Township Council has done their part to advance this critical policy, the fact is Mayor Kelly Yaede has failed to keep up with the need to protect our community, our residents, and our firefighters.”

“Public safety isn’t the only place Mayor Yaede has failed residents,” stated Dave Krueger, President, Hamilton FMBA Local 84. “It is, however, the one that is most apparent to the men and women of the Hamilton Fire Department that continue to do our best to protect residents despite the obstacles that are placed in front of us through a disjointed fire service.

Earlier this week the New Jersey FMBA, the statewide union for career firefighters, with more than 300 of their members present, also unanimously endorsed Martin and his team. Reflecting on a similar decision previously Eddie Donnelly, the union’s president, said that “when we endorsed Jeff in 2017 we did so because the conversation, and legislative action, around public safety in Hamilton Township had to change.”

“Two years later, while Mayor Kelly Yaede has shown her inability to run a government that represents the people, not her special interests, and has attacked collective bargaining time and time again, Jeff has stood strong and showed that working families still matter in Hamilton Township.”

Thanking the firefighters for their efforts to keep Hamilton safe, and speaking on his desire to see the consolidation process completed, Martin said that “the council has done our work on this important matter, but, like too many other critical issues, it has sat dormant on Mayor Yaede’s desk.” 

“Fire consolidation will allow these brave men and women to meet the many challenges of their profession and, at the same time, provide our residents with the best in fire safety, that’s why I made it a cornerstone of my first campaign, and will make it a top priority if I am elected as mayor.” Martin added.  

As a law enforcement officer Pat Papero has firsthand knowledge of the work of first responders, expertise, he said, that he can share on the governing body to make Hamilton safer. “Our first priority is public safety, and important steps have already been taken to get to the finish line when it comes to making sure that unnecessary bureaucracy isn’t hampering the ability of our amazing firefighters

“Our goal is to make sure that the local government responsible for representing the needs of our residents is operating efficiently and effectively, something that just isn’t happening right now,” Phillips said. “Nowhere is our ability to deliver good government more important than in the provision of public safety, and that’s why I am proud to have the support of our local career firefighters.”  

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