Hamilton’s Cimino Promoted to Chief Strategy Officer of T&M Associates

John Cimino

Hamilton resident John A. Cimino has been promoted as the company’s first Chief Strategy Officer.

Cimino will be focused on delivering the company growth objectives for the core practices and identifying potential emerging practices to drive future growth and expansion. He will work closely with the CEO to set long term strategy aligned with the strategic vision of the company.

In his previous role as Director of Sales and Marketing, Cimino has demonstrated skills to effectively implement strategy and sustain a team-oriented culture.

His resume includes decades of experience in business development and client management roles with several engineering firms. He will continue to expand the firm’s core practices to the public and private sectors company wide.

Cimino also is an elected Mercer County Freeholder.

T&M Associates, a leading national consulting, environmental, engineering and construction management company, also announced the promotions of Lynn Spence to Chief People Officer and Violet Koehler to the Board of Directors.

“These promotions are reflective of the valuable contributions that John, Lynn and Violet have provided to the company and will round out the executive leadership team,” said Gary Dahms, T&M’s President and CEO. “This team of dedicated, highly skilled, and forward-thinking professionals position T&M for the next generation of company growth and success.”

Lyne Spence has been promoted from Director of Human Resources to Chief People Officer.

Spence is responsible for developing and executing the firm’s HR and Marketing strategy in support of organizational goals. With 23 years of business experience, she is T&M’s first executive focused solely on the company’s most important strength, its employees. Providing a people-centered leadership approach focused on talent optimization, corporate culture and branding, she will play a critical role in solidifying T&M’s position as an employer of choice and contributing to the sustainable, profitable, growth of the company.

As the first female to be appointed to T&M’s Board of Directors in 2016, Spence also leads T&M’s Diversity and Inclusion committee and is dedicated to fostering a culture of acceptance and equality.

Violet Koehler who joins the board of directors is responsible for overall leadership and management of the Finance and Information Technology departments. Since joining Koehler has made an immediate and positive impact on T&M’s financial position and established critical procedures and standards to manage business effectively. She is a strategic addition to the Board of Directors, leading the planning and management of the firm’s financial performance.

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