NJ Gov orders masks to be worn in stores

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has ordered all residents to wear masks in all essential stores as coronavirus cases and deaths continue to rise.

The order goes for both employees and customers.

The employees are also required to wear gloves. The businesses must provide both the gloves and the masks to their employees.

Murphy announced Wednesday that he was signing an executive order enforcing restrictions to try to decrease the spread of coronavirus in some of the only businesses that remain open in the state.

 The order also limits the the number of customers allowed inside stores to a max of 50% of their capacity.

He said during a press briefing Wednesday that those not wearing face coverings would “get asked to leave,” except for those who are under age 2 or with medical reasons to not wear a mask.

Those under age 2 or those with medical reasons for not wearing a face covering are exempt.

The governor also said further limits on the number of people in stores could come in the future.

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