Delta Gas Station on Rt 33 shutdown for tainted gas

Delta Gas Hamilton NJ
Delta Gas Station, corner of Route 33 and George Dye Road in Hamilton Square, NJ. Photo from Google.

The Delta Gas Station on the corner of Route 33 and George Dye Road is suspected of tainted gas that lead to a slew of motorists stranded roadside on Sunday after purchasing gas at the station.

Chuck Farina of Hamilton shared his story in a report by the  Trentonian of how his Honda CRV “conked out” less than a mile down the road from the Delta Station after filling up there on Sunday morning.  As he sat roadside, he could see another stranded motorist is sight just down the road whose car had also stopped running that also got gasoline at the station.

Farina was among at least a dozen people who complained they experienced engine troubles after filling up at the gas station over the weekend.

The DEP confirmed it received a couple “flooding” complaints related to the gas station but needed to investigate further.

DEP spokesman Larry Hajna said generally the agency doesn’t get involved unless there are concerns over gas leaks or spills at the station but that the agency has imposed the delivery ban until the gas station determines what caused water to leak into the gasoline tanks.

At this point, it’s unclear whether the issue was “delivery or weather-related,” Hajna said, adding the tanks and lines must be flushed and filtered before the store would be allowed to re-open.

John Worth, the superintendent of the weights and measures department, which oversees inspections of gas pumps around Mercer County, said he was aware of the problem. He referred questions to a county spokesperson who responded with an emailed statement.

The county “has received one call thus far from an affected consumer, and we’re aware of two other calls that the state office received,” spokesman Michael Boonin said. “Our understanding is that the gas station is bringing in a contractor to do the necessary testing and remediation. Once that has been done, county Weights and Measures will test the fresh supply of gas to ensure there’s no water present, and also do an octane analysis.”

Anyone who wants to file a complaint with the state Division of Consumer Affairs, which didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, can do so on its website

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