Hair Salons, Barber Shops and “Personal-Care Businesses” Ordered Closed

Governor Phil Murphy has taken another step in attempting to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus with an executive order that will mandate all personal-care businesses that “cannot comply with social distancing guidelines to close at 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 19, 2020.

That includes “barber shops and hair salons, spas, nail and eyelash salons, tattoo parlors” and social clubs, the governor said.

“We are aggressive as any American state in the steps we’ve taken,” Murphy said Thursday. “But we reserve the right to each and every day, if not each and every hour, to revisit the steps we’ve taken and to assess if we should take further steps.”

New Jersey, like many other states, have already shut down restaurants, bars, gyms and venues that would have gatherings above 50 people.

Restaurants and bars are allowed to offer takeout and delivery services.

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Irving Lawrence Duckwald III is a freelance writer and blogger based in Central New Jersey. He has a penchant for fried chicken, fast cars, and fancy suits. With a knack for "setting the record straight", he can argue till the cows come home why it's Pork Roll and not Taylor Ham.