New Jersey Bars, Restaurants, Movie Theaters and Casinos to shut down at 8 PM

phil murphy

Restaurants and bars, however, will be allowed to offer takeout and delivery. The establishments will be provided a waiver for carry-out alcohol.

Gov Phil Murphy along with, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont made the announcement just after 10 a.m. during a joint conference call.

“We have agreed to a common set of rules that will pertain in all of our states, so don’t even think about going to a neighboring state,” Cuomo said. “If you can’t do a party in New York City, you can’t do a party in New Jersey, you can’t do a party in Connecticut.”

Murphy said supermarkets and pharmacies will not be affected.

“We’re gonna get through this as one family,” he said. “We want everybody home — not out.”

The three states will also limit crowd capacity for recreational and social gatherings to 50 people – effective by 8 PM tonight

Murphy said more New Jersey restrictions will be announced later Monday.

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