Mercer County Sheriff Jack Kemler Warns of Mail And Telephone Solicitations

mercer county sheriff scam alert

Mercer County Sheriff Jack Kemler has issued a warning to local residents and businesses regarding a recent rash of mail and telephone solicitations.

Over the past week, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complaints about aggressive mail and telephone solicitations. The mailings, sent out by the “Mercer County Police & Sheriffs Association Fraternal Order of Police” indicate that the recipient has already pledged, by telephone, their donation and that their monies have yet to be received. The letters cleverly direct recipients to send their pledge payments to a mail-processing center. However, the mailings are not sanctioned by the Sheriff’s Office and they do not have any connection to the agency’s regular members.

“Although the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office is not involved in these solicitations, I do want to apologize for any inconvenience or alarm the letters and calls are causing,” Kemler said. “We are not encouraging or discouraging anyone from contributing to worthwhile charities, however, I do want to make it clear the solicitations are not connected to the Sheriff’s Office.”

The best advice is to exercise common sense. If a local resident or business suspects a particular telephone call or letter may be a scam, to disregard it.

Anyone who receives a solicitation and is uncertain as to the validity of the fundraiser they are encouraged to contact the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs-Charitable Registration Hotline at 973-504-6215 or the Mercer County Division of Consumer Affairs at 609-989-6671 during regular business hours.

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