Video shows man on Centre Street shooting at cops and bystander. (Warning: Explicit Language, Viewer Discretion Advised)

Video of the shooting as it occurred on  Centre Street in Trenton.  Video from Youtube/The Trentonian

A standoff on Centre Street in Trenton continues nearing 15 hours, as a man has barricaded himself in a 2nd story apartment after killing an innocent bystander and wounding 3 law enforcement officers.

In the video above, taken by a neighbor directly across the street,  the shooter opens fire on Police and an innocent bystander is shot while trying to crawl to safety.  The bystander died from the injuries sustained in the shooting.

The shooter opened fire on a law enforcement task force attempting to arrest him during an early morning raid.

The suspect has been identified the suspect as Tyleeb Reese, 35 by multiple law enforcement officials and residents of the area.  Reese has prior convictions for criminal sexual contact with a minor and failing to register as a sex offender.

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