Capadano Seeks Republican Nomination for Hamilton Council

Vinnie Capodanno
Former Councilman Vinnie Capodanno. File Photo by Michael A. Sabo

Vinnie Capodanno has officially changed parties from Democrat to Republican and is seeking the nomination of the Hamilton Republican Committee to replace Ileana Schirmer who has decided not to run in 2019. Capodanno would join the presumptive ticket with incumbent Mayor Kelly Yaede and current Republican Councilman Ralph Mastrangelo.

The outspoken former Councilman, who has never been afraid to buck his party or the status quo was elected to Council from 2000 to 2004 and his time on the dais often put him at odds with then-Democratic Mayor Glen Gilmore.

“I’ve been a Democrat my whole life, I’ve been a member of various unions which are all Democrat, but I’m a moderate, they (Democrats) are so far left now” Capodanno explained as his reason for switching parties.

In 2009 he ran for Council again; as a Democrat against the incumbent Republican Council members of Tom Goodwin, Dave Kenny and Dennis Pone when the Republicans easily won re-election.

In 2013, he served as the campaign manager for Independent Mayoral Candidate Antonio Gambino who ran in a three person race which included current Mayor Kelly Yaede and Democrat Challenger Barbara Plumeri.

In a 2013 Hamilton Post Article he explained his respect for Gambino by saying, “I’m not getting involved with anyone I don’t think is worth it,” Capodanno said. “If I’m involved with Tony, he’s got to be credible.”

Capodanno once one of Yaede’s biggest critics constantly challenging her throughout her years on Council and as Mayor says he has gotten to know her and has really started to like her.

“Overall they run the town financially very well, OK and I think she is the best person to continue that. It’s tough to balance the spending and taxes and I think they do a really good job. She (Mayor Kelly Yaede) is more of a moderate like me and I would like to be part of the administration. I never supported taxes increases when I was up there on Council.”

Capodanno also explained his liking of Current business administrator Dave Kenny and Former Business Administrator John Ricci.

He was one of Ricci’s biggest defenders in 2013 calling him the best he had ever seen and also defended now suspended Hamilton Cheif Financial officer John Barret explaining his work to safeguard of their hard-earned tax dollars in a press release sent to the media by Hamilton Township.

As far as Kenny, he thinks he is a very genuine guy that really cares.

Vinnie Capodanno being named to the Republican ticket as a candidate would make for what promises to be an entertaining election season even better.

David Henderson, another outspoken critic of Mayor Kelly Yaede has declared his intention to seek the office of Mayor in a primary this June.

The one thing no one can say about Vinnie Capodanno is that he would be anybody’s rubber stamp.

The Hamilton Republican Convention is this this coming Thursday.

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